Monday, September 7, 2009

5 Useful Tips When Importing Wholesale From China

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Retailing Chinese manufactured goods is an increasingly popular entrepreneurial enterprise. There are tons of goods available at rock bottom prices, all easily purchased online for only slightly more than the cost of production. Those willing to put the time in can make good money buying goods from Chinese wholesale manufacturers, and retailing them back home. Sounds easy, right? Buy cheap from China, sell it for more back home. However, there are a number of important things to keep in mind in this business.

1. Shop Around

There is a world of options out there. You can buy just about any product you can imagine from China wholesale manufacturers, and there are billions of manufacturers to choose from. Choose your goods wisely. You are much more likely to profit if you do some Internet research before choosing which goods to retail. This can take a fair amount of time, given the available options. But it is worth it to find profit margins. Not every product will be much more expensive back home, some may even be cheaper. Shop around a bit and see which goods are most likely to retail for higher prices than those charged by wholesalers in China. You should also choose your wholesaler wisely.

2. Dropshipping Service

It is extremely beneficial to find a wholesaler that offers a dropship service. Wholesale dropshippers will ship products to your customers at no extra cost. Just submit the shipping information to your wholesaler and they will ship the product directly to your customer, saving you time, money, and risk. No need to buy goods in advance and store them, no need to pay shipping fees twice. For anyone looking to make a profit retailing China wholesale products, dropshipping is a very important element.

3. Shipping time

While dropshipping greatly speeds up the process of shipping goods to your clients, some companies ship faster than others. Compare your options, looking particularly at the length of time after which the wholesaler guarantees to have shipped your order. Additionally, you should check to see if their user feedback reflects that they adhere to this guarantee. A final step would be to order a couple of products in advance, giving you first hand information about the time it takes for your customers to receive their products, and the quality of goods and packaging.

4. Return Policy

You, and your customers, will want your money back if you purchase faulty merchandise. Any legitimate wholesaler with confidence in the products they sell will have a return policy. A 6 month – 1 year return policy is pretty standard, and it’s a good idea to make sure your wholesaler has one. Once again, the most useful information in this area comes from consumers that have worked with this company in the past.

5. Don’t get scammed

Make sure that the wholesaler you choose is legitimate. Don’t be fooled by a professional looking website that simply claims to be a wholesaler. There are myriad scam artists out there, so do your research. The company should not ask for any “membership fee” upfront in order to do business with them. Furthermore, make sure you shop around to ensure you are actually getting a wholesale price. Many companies that claim to be wholesalers charge much higher prices than the manufacturer (making them a retailer). Once you feel confident that you are getting a wholesale price for the goods you wish to sell, read up on what other users have said about working with this company.


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