Sunday, August 15, 2010

Muslim and Halal Restaurant in Guangzhou

For Muslim traveler, halal food is a big concern and is a need. Guangzhou or previously known as Canton has a large of Muslim population. To help my fellow Muslim travel from around the globe here I compile some of the famous Muslim and Halal Restaurant in Guangzhou

There are two area which are famous with Muslim dine and cuisine

One is along the road of Huan Shi Zhonglu 环市东路锺鲁

There are up to 6 Muslim and Halal Restaurant over there

How to go there?
Tare Metro Line 5 and disembark at Xiaobei Station.

You can choose either exit A or D to directly go to the Huan Shi Zhonglu. From the exits you can see many restaurant that serves halal food for Muslim in Guangzhou.To name a few you can find Al Jazeera, Bosphorus and Pizza 2 Pizza at exit A

There is one famous restaurant call Salam restaurant above Dong Freng Hotel

Salam restaurant.It is located in the African community settlement

And from exit D which is across the road you can find Hadramawt, one Pakistani restaurant and if you walk with the stream, you will find Salam restaurant which is located at the African Community area.

Another place is San Yuan Li 三元里

At least 3 famous Muslim and Halal Restaurant are located there. One of these is the famous Abdullah Qinghai Muslim Restaurant.

If you are fast food lover and like a simple and schneller essen, visit Salam Harbor. It is just next to exit A1 of San Yuan Li Metro Station. Take Line 2 and disembark at San Yuan Li.

The entrance of Salam Harbor 


BOSPHORUS located in danger area, the staff is very aggressive,although you are not Muslim, do not go there ,I am from latin america one staff of the restaurant try to hit me and I am a women ! it's terrible, definitely if you are foreigner in guangzhou never visit that restaurant in zhujiang new town,Bhosporus is only for Muslim located in muslim area ,dont go there if not want get in trouble,terible experience

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