Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lokasi Borong 3:Garment and Cloth Wholesale in Guangzhou Railway Station

If you are visiting Guangzhou for the first time to source for new product such as women cloth,men clothes,children clothing and garment, fashion accessories and everything related to garment and clothing fashion, dont forget to visit Guangzhou Railway Station Clothing and Garment Wholesale Plaza. Here is the railway station which connect Guangzhou to other major city in China via train. Besides it is an area for shopper and business person from all over the world to buy wholesale cloth and garment

There are at least 7-10 plazas which sell and exhibit ranging of women,man,children clothing as well as fashion accessories

I list some of the famous plaza arround the railway station. The rest of the plazas are worth for you to explore.

Baima Cloth and Garment Plaza

Inside the Baima Plaza
 Yima European and Korean fashion Plaza (also known as Kapok International Fashion Plaza)

Yima Plaza from Outside

Liu Hua Garment and Cloth Plaza

Inside the Liu Hua Plaza

How to go there?

By Taxi
You can just give the address below to the taxio driver and they will drive you to the place. But taxi will cost you more than other means of trasnport. So let see which one is better...

--> By Metro/Subway
I recommend you to take the Metro, all the plaza mentioned above located near the Guangzhou Railway Station. The stop you should take is Guangzhou Railway Station from Line 2.

Exit from H Exit. You will first see Baima Plaza.

By Bus
I dont recommend you to use bus.

What you can find there.

Baima garment and cloth plaza
Women fashion, girls fashion, nighties, lingerie, blouse, suit, working suit, etc etc etc

Yima European and Korean fashion Plaza (also known as Kapok International Fashion Plaza)
All women and men fashion from latest trend in Japan,Korea and Europe.

Liu Hua Garment and Cloth Plaza
Counterfeit Jersey, World Cup jersey, jeans, abaya, baju kurung, baju muslimah indonesia etc etc

View Guangzhou wholesale markets in a larger map

Picture of quality material shirt found in Liu Hua Plaza


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