Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shipping from China to Malaysia : Part 3 (Air Freight)

In my opinion the biggest problem face by our fellow friends who wish to source goods in China is about the shipment. As AirAsia Supersize Baggage is only limited to maximum 30kg, how can we ship all the goods bought at a very minimum cost?

Air Asia only permit luggage weight of 30 kg and one hand luggage weight not more than 7 kg

But if you memborong goods as many as these?????

There are two convenience way to ship your goods from China to Malaysia.

1. Air Freight
1.1 Air Asia Cargo
Air Asia has launched their cargo service from Guangzhou to Malaysia. They even had won the best low cost cargo carrier for Baiyun International Airport.Read more here

You can contact their agent in Guangzhou for your shipping arrangment
Pacific Empire International Ltd
Tel :    + 86 20 8329 9379
Fax :    + 86 20 8329 9050

Mdm Yvonne will then forward you to their local pickup agent to pick your goods and process it before they transfer to Air Asia Cargo warehouse at the airport.

1.2 Courier service
There are a lot of courier service offer by local agent in Guangzhou. If you are in Zhan Xi Lu, behind Mei Hua Plaza there are many side walk office of agents offering courier service from GZ to Malaysia. Popular courier like DHL, UPS and EMS are available for you to choose for a price from RMB 25 - RMB 30 per kg.

2. Sea Freight
I have written about sea freight from Guangzhou to Malaysia. Check it out


A courier service delivers a wide range of products such as parcels, packages, money, documents, legal papers, business products, etc. A key benefit of using courier services is they deliver items for clients in an on-time manner with the delivery staying in safe condition. Today, businesses of all sizes are benefiting from the services couriers offer to grow their business.

In home Delivery Boston

Yes, definitely freight charges depend on weight and area of destination of couriers. Bulk orders availed by Warehousing service Dallas also reduce the cost of shipping. I think storing the finished goods before final delivery is the best option to send them on time and for quality maintenance as well.

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