Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lokasi Borong 2 : Haizu Square and Yide Lu

Haizhu Square is the centre of everything. From here you can explore at least 3-4 wholesale markets in a day. There are up to 15 wholesale markets and malls for you to explore.

If you go west of the Haizhu Square, the first you can see is the Onelink Plaza.Onelink (解放南路39号万菱广场) plaza is a modern plaza located at the head of Yide Lu. It is the most modern wholesale plaza one can find in the Haizhu and Yide Lu area. 7 floors are provided for the shop lots selling products from various kind. Equipped with the air conditioned system, shopping here will be more pleasure than other places.

One Link Plaza

Yi De Lu
If you continue to walk along the Ranmin Road, you will come to Yide Lu (一德路 ) , the heaven of all wholesale market.Lu means Street in Cantonese. This is the the toys and gifts shopping heaven and there is no shortage of everything, it's like an ultra mini trade fair. Around that area you will find a vast areas specializing in stationery, toys, gifts and even dried foods. The goods there are sold mainly in bulk. Of course you can buy in small quantity. But if you just want to buy one or two, their retail price would be much higher than the wholesale price or they may not even want to entertain you. There are up to 12 malls and plazas along the Yi De Lu. Enter it and you will see a lot of plastic,electronics, mechanical and educational toys and kits. A hard to tell experience.
The famous and most visited malls are: (taken from here)
*Yide International toy & stationery Plaza 国际玩具文具精品广场
Address: No.390 Yide Road 一德路390号
*Yi Jin Yuan Toys & Stationery Market 艺景园精品广场
Address:No.85 Yide East Road. 一德东路085号
*Jin Jin Toys & Stationery Market
Address: No.10-12 Qiao Guan West Road. 广州市侨光西路10-12号
*Zhong Gang Toys Market 中港玩具城
Address:No.399-411 Yide West Road. 一德西路399-411号
*Jia Le Si Toys Centre 嘉乐斯玩具城
Address: No.423 Yide West Road. 一德西路423号

If you are staying in a hotel in Guangzhou, you can easily use the public transport namely he bus, MRT and the taxi to go to the above mentioned places. The nearest MRT Station is the Haizhu Square. From there you can either board a bus or take a taxi to your desire places. TIPS. If you prefer travel by taxi, dont forget to copy and print it on a piece of paper all the above addresses both in English and Cantonese. The taxi driver will easily drive you there.


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