Sunday, July 25, 2010

To Guangzhou via Hong Kong

Since January 2010, Air Asia has had promoted cheap ticket to Hong Kong. Many didn't know that, it is sometime cheaper to travel to Guangzhou via Hong Kong. Here I share three options that you can choose according to your time, budget and convenient

Option 1 ( Not so cheap but less hectic. Please allocate 4 hours time if you are into something)
Bus direct from Hong Kong Airport to Guangzhou. You can buy the ticket from the counter at terminal one inside the Hong Kong International Airport. It will cost you RMB 250. The journey will take you around 2 and half hour. But will take longer if the check point at the border is busy. For example during holidays and weekend. The bus from Hong Kong airport will stop at Huangang. There you need to pass the border.You need to board new bus after entering China Mainland.
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Hong Kong International Airport Bus Terminal
Option 2 (Fast and reliable)
Buy train via Hung Hom Train Station. Take the airport shuttle number A21. You can take the bus at terminal 2 of the Hong Kong International Airport. Normally it will take 50 minutes for you to arrive at the Hung Hom Station. There buy the train ticket to Guangzhou East. It will cost you RMB 230. The travel time is approximately two and half hours.

Option 3 (Cheap but quite adventurous.Please allocate 4 hours time if you are into something)
First take airport bus shuttle number A43 to Sheng Shui Station. It will take you around 50 minutes to arrive there. There board the metro towards  Lo Wu. Lo Wu is located at the border between Hong Kong and China Mainland. From the station you have to walk around 10 minutes to cross the border. Immigration process will take normally 20 minutes. But during holidays and weekend, it could take more than that. You will enter China Mainland and arrive at Shenzhen Train Station. Buy a ticket to Guangzhou East. The journey long for only one hour. I have tried this during my 3rd visit to GZ. What I can say, you must have the guts to choose this option! All together will cost you only RMB 130. Cheap huh.....


saya mau tny nih...
apakah visa untuk masuk ke Guangzhou bisa diurus diborder stasiun?

Terima Kasih.

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