Monday, November 2, 2009

Garment Wholesale Plaza (Update!)

If you are looking for women, men, baby, kids, children and latest fashion garment, there are few garment and fashion plaza in Guangzhou. And you will find almost everything.

Ok let us see where the Plaza is situated and how to go there.

Zhan Xi Rd (Zhan Xi Lu) # 广州市站西路1-4号东侧
In this area you can find five big garment plaza.

  1. Zhan Xi Lu clothing wholesale market 
  2. Zhan Xi clothing wholesale building
  3. Kinsun clothing wholesale building
  4. Jin Du clothing building
  5. Wan Thong Clothing market
How to go there
Take the metro Line 2 to Guangzhou Railway Station . From there you can either walk or take the taxi. 

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How about kids and children garment plaza? What you can find here? Cloth diapers, diapers bag, trolley, pram, baby cloth, socks etc. Over 10000 manufacturers and products available.

Zong Shan Ba Rd ( Zong Shan Ba Lu) 中山八路97号荔湖大厦

There you can find two big kids and maternal plaza namely

  1.  Fu Li Kids World
  2. Guang Dong Maternal Plaza
How to go there. It is easy to go there by Guangzhou Metro. Take Line 1 and exit at Chen Clan Academy or Cahgn Shou Lu. From there you can either take a taxi, bus or walk for 12 minutes to arrive there.

View Fu Li Kids Plaza in a larger map

Update! Since the opening of Metro Line 5, the access to these two plaza has become easier. Take Line 5 and exit at Zhongshanba. The plaza is just at the end of the Metro station.

3 comments : first time nk gi guangzhou dec09 ni mmg mnjadi panduan ade nk tny sikit la pasal keadaan di sana.harap blh emel pd sy

maaf lambat saya reply...harapnya sedari telahpun selamat pergi dan balik dari china....ceritakan pengalaman sedari...

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