Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lokasi Borong 5: Highsun Plaza (Yinjiang Lu,Guangzhou)

Highsun is property management company. At the moment they managed two shopping plaza namely Highsun Camera and Mobile Plaza and Highsun Fabric Plaza. The location of both plaza are at the scenery view of Pearl River at the end of Yinjiang Lu in Guangzhou.

While wholesale is the main attraction of business in Guangzhou, Highsun Group of Company has allocated a building for this purpose. A plaza cater for fabric like curtain,bedsheets,table cloth and home fabric is a place for home designer,business man as well as interior decorator to find cheap and affordable material. China Silk juga banyak terdapat di plaza Highsun ini.

Meanwhile for if you come to Guangzhou and forget to bring your camera or mobile, you can buy one at Highsun Camera and Mobile plaza located just behind the Fabric Plaza. From my observation, you can get original version of the mobile phone and camera here.

How to go there?

Metro Line 1 Martys Park . From the station taxi will take you about 7 minutes to arrive.


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