Saturday, January 14, 2012

China Copy and Funny

Maybe the owner is so obsessed with Budu* and Burberry
I just watched the movie Counterfeiters. A story of a group of Jews counterfeiters during the World War 2. It was a history. In the 90s the Siamese are very well known for their counterfeit jersey. Since many OEM factory exist there to produce jersey for big sport retailer like Nike and Adidas, the counterfeit industry growth well too.

Nowadays the Nigerian scammer and the Chinese are leading the counterfeits industry. In China alone, whatever you can imagine they can imitate. Some fake goods has appearance as same as the original and others just make us laugh.

So here is some photos that I snap during my visit to China.

Dont call your Boss BABI.

Budu* is a famous anchovies sauce mostly found in Malaysia east coast
Babi* is pig

Or you can view more version of China copy here 


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