Sunday, September 23, 2012

Alibaba Tips : Finding the right supplier

Nowadays many trader small or big buy directly from China's supplier via B2B website like Alibaba and Made-In-China. The process is not that hard but sometimes little bit tricky.

Finding the right supplier is the key for a successful trade between two parties. As we never see and meet the right supplier, its even harder to recognized which one is truthful and which one is the scammer.

Let us look at three main criterias of a good and trustful supplier

  • Solid Communication and Service. Often language and communication is a barrier. Majority of supplier in China can not communicate good English. This is a vital point for your decision to pick a supplier. Make sure supplier can understand very well any term and condition agreed during discussion
  • Pricing. Pricing is important to determine the final cost. Be aware of quality and quantity offered by the supplier. The lowest price can often indicate poor quality. Also lowest price sometimes offered only when you make bulk purchase (Read bulk >5000 pcs)
  • Flexibility. For a beginner low stock yet frequent order can help business grow. Ask your supplier if they can provide this flexibility as well as supply speed?
 After a careful observation and selection base on these criteria,establish your business by placing an order according your market demand. In the era of where fast and well understanding market information, you have to make a good and sound decision

So how about you? I believe many of us have used the B2B service for a long time. Share your tips and tricks. As the wise man always said Guide others and you will be guided.Amen


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