Friday, November 19, 2010

Alibaba Tips : Buying from

Nowadays many trader small or big buy directly from China's supplier via B2B website like Alibaba and Made-In-China. The process is not that hard but sometimes little bit tricky.

Many times happen that some of us just fall into prey into scammer and cheater that sell nothing except advertising things that does not exist at all. 

Let me share my experience dealing with supplier in Alibaba.

The main question asked by many:
  1. How could we trust a supplier in Alibaba
  2. How to transfer money to the supplier in China. What measurement should I take?
Question # 1
How could we trust a supplier in Alibaba.
  • Deal only with Gold Supplier.
  • Cross check their profile with other B2B website
  • Get in touch with the supplier first via Trade Manager (A firefox extension that enable chatting between you and supplier in Alibaba). Have some sort of ice breaking chat with them
  • Before you place your order, ask for quotation. If you dont have shipping agent/warehouse in China, ask them to quote the shipping cost separately
  • Upon agreeing with the quotation, ask for the invoice

Question # 2

How to transfer money to supplier in China.  The best and safest way is to use telegraphic transfer (TT) via local major bank. What measurement should I take?
  •  Ask the supplier to give the final price in both RMB and USD
  • Ask the supplier to give their personal details (Full name and ID #)
  • Ask the supplier their bank details (Bank Address, SWIFT Code are compulsory)
  • Fill in the TT form. Ask the bank officer to help you
  • You will need to pay processing charge. So prepare extra money.
  • Wait 15 minutes. And done
  • Within 24 hours, check with the supplier if they have receive the money. Always keep your TT form copy with you for future reference.

So how about you? I believe many of us have used the B2B service for a long time. Share your tips and tricks. As the wiseman always said Guide others and you will be guided..Amen


    iznan, i belum ada experience lg buying thru alibaba.
    will share after i complete 1 transaction ni:)
    my 1st ever experience dealing dgn gold supplier alibaba.
    nk praktikan apa yg u tunjuk ajar hrtu.
    koz ilmu tanpa praktikal tak berkesan.chewah!

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