Friday, December 3, 2010

Guangzhou Metro Line 3 : Airport Baiyun - Panyu Square

This the news that I have been waiting for. Now passenger who landed in Baiyun International Airport Guangzhou can choose to ride with the Guangzhou Metro/Subway direct to the Guangzhou City Centre.

There are 5 interchange in between the route

  1. Line 3 - Line 2 at Jiahewanggang
  2. Line 3 - Line 1 at Guangzhou East Railway Station
  3. Line 3 - Line 1  at Tiyu Xi Lu
  4. Line 3 - Line 5 at Zhujiang New Town
  5. Line 3 - Line 8 at Kecun
 I like to stay in Jinjiang Inn or Hanting Inn near the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Using the fare calculator here, the ticket from the Airport South Metro Station to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall costs me only RMB 12. And the time taken is only 37 minutes (I calculate it here )

Short comparison

Taxi Baiyun Airport - GZ City Centre = RMB 100 / taxi ; 45 minutes
Bus Baiyun Airport - GZ City Centre = from RMB 18 / person, 50 - 65 minutes

Where is the Metro Station in the Airport 

First you need to locate in which area you are. For international flight you will be most probably in the area A

How to find metro station in A area

If you are from international flight, you will either exit from E1 or E2. From this exit, proceed to elevator near Gate A4 (near the 7-11 convenient shop), walk 10 minute through underground channel, arrive at the metro station at floor -1. Metro line 3 starts from here.


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