Saturday, December 18, 2010

China Budget Hotel

Staying in Chinese unfamiliar budget hotel can have some surprise. For example you wouldn't expect to get a midnight call offering massage service by the Chinese girls. The location is bad plus the facilities is usually below par.

But nowadays with the rise of new and modern Chinese budget chain hotel namely Home Inns, HanTing Inn, Jinjiang Inn, 7 Days Inn and lots more, the difference between the five star hotel and with this kind of hotel is not really big at all.

I visited Guangzhou 3 times last year for business. Normally I stay either at Jinjiang Inn near Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall or HanTing just beside it. Both hotel have meet my expectation. Quite surrounding, daily room service, Internet access and clean interior. The aircond and hot tap worked and the workers change the basic toiletries everyday. For a five day stay I will get 5 toothbrushes, 5 shower cap and 5 soaps.

The major problem is only that, the online booking system is not working properly. The website is in Chinese and the translated English version is either down or not fully functioning. What you can do is to view the website using Google Chrome. The browser can automatically translate the Simplified Chinese into English. From there you can try booking. Another way round you can ask your Chinese friend to book it for you. Dengan syarat dia pon boleh faham English laaa.....

But dont worry, other than peak season, there will be always vacant room available. For more info visit

HT Inn
Jinjiang Inn
7 Days Inn
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