Monday, April 11, 2011

Canton Fair 109th Session 2011

Yes! Its confirmed! I will be in Guangzhou from today till 15 th April. I hope to visit  the day 1 of Canton Fair on Friday.

Registration Guidelines for Visitor/Buyer.Click for larger image.

What you need to bring if your are new visitor to Canton Fair. Means that you have never been to Canton Fair in previous session.

  • Valid Id/Passport (of course!)
  • Photo of size 5x4 cm (normal passport photo)
  • Business card (yes! bring as many as ur business card. old and new as you can exchange it with a lot of souvenirs from marketing co )
  • 200 RMB for processing fee
If you have been in previous Canton Fair before just bring ur invitation card / previous badge and a photo of size 5x4 cm.

Who will be going to this session Canton Fair? Feel free to email me so that we can meet somewhere.I will be in GZ from today midnite till 15th April 2011.


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