Friday, April 29, 2011

Guangzhou Cloth and Garment Plaza Part 3

Let us now visit Zhan Xi Lu. First of all where is the location of this place?

Let us recap. In my previous entry I have stated that most of the Guangzhou Cloth Plaza are located near the Guangzhou Railway Station.

FYI. Zhan means Station Xi means West. 

From the Guangzhou Railway Metro station, go to the E exit and up the stairs. Go to the back of the stairs and turn right. You will see a bus station on your left and a post office on your right. Keep going to the end of the block. You will see the watch market on the left. Turn left. Here you will find a huge block full of clothes buildings, both sides. Source here

 What you can find in Zhan Xi Lu

  • Imitation garment and cloth
  • Imitation shoes
  • Imitation watch


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