Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tips : Basic Online Marketing

Once in a month I write in this blog

Two big players in today social networking are Facebook and Twitter. Did you know how many Twitter and Facebook users nowdays?

Facebook = over 300 millionth users

Twitter = over 100 million users

So how can we leverage the above statistic to market our product?

  1. Wait are you waiting for? Sign up now! Some use multiple account in Facebook and Twitter for different product, market segment, profile etc etc. But hey, that a lot of mess. Use Facebook Fanpage for your different business, product and market segmentation.Explore Twitter Trend to engage your marketing campaign with latest issue and dont forget to play with the Twitter hashtag (#).
  2. Manage your marketing campaign with Hootsuite. Not only one or two account, with the paid version you can manage multiple Twitter and Facebook account from one place.
  3. Plan your marketing campaign with this awesome Twitter Auto Tweet tools.
  4. Post regular update and refresh your twitter/facebook status.
  5. Monitor your campaign by using this
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