Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 6 : Masjid Saad Abi Waqas - Airport

It´s time to go home. As members of Hotel Jinjiang, I have special privilege to checkout at 2pm. Non member must check out at 12 pm. Since it is Friday, Abg Jamal, Faesal and me went to Saad Abi Waqas mosque for Friday prayer.

The new mosque is now three times bigger than the old one. It can now fit more than 3000 thousand worshiper at one time. The new double storey mosque has started its renovation since early this year and it is just completed before the Eid Fitri.

Kami meninggalkan Guangzhou awal takut2 terperangkap dalam kesesakan lalu lintas akibat Canton Fair sudah bermula. Perlu diingat harga hotel akan menjadi dua tiga kali lebih mahal pada Canton Fair. Jadi elakkan pergi ke Guangzhou pada waktu canton fair sekiranya anda tidak merancang untuk ke Canton Fair.

Semasa Canton Fair

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