Sunday, October 24, 2010

Support and Customer Service

I will start live paid consultation every alternate Friday starting from 29 October 2010. The schedule time is from 1000 pm to 1100 pm. You can ask me any question regarding how to import goods from China, visa, shipping, wholesalemarket in Guangzhou, air ticket, currency and almost basic knowledge of everything you need to know before you go to China.

How it works?

Locate the Wibiya Web Toolbar.

Click Join Chat

Login using your Facebook or Twitter account.

Once you are in the chat room, do send me a PM

You will be answered and given the details. The conversation will start after I received the payment.

The rate is as follows

RM 5 for 15 minutes
RM 10 for 30 minutes
RM 17 for the whole session

Method of payment

I will PM you the details

If you want to book me a session out of the schedule, please notify me by sending me an email.

Till then, thank you.


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