Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guangzhou Asian Games 2010

This year Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou from November 12-27. This is the 16th edition of Asian Games.                        With the vision to a “Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia”, that the Games will uphold the spirit of the Olympics and the Asian Games – which is to promote unity, friendship and further exchanges between different countries and regions. 
The name of the mascots are A Xiang[a: 'sj∧ŋ], A He[a: 'hə:], A Ru[a: 'ru:], A Yi[a: 'ji:] and Le Yangyang ['lə: j∧ŋj∧ŋ]. When you put their names together, Xiang He Ru Yi Le Yangyang - meaning Peace, Harmony and Great Happiness, with everything going as you wish


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